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Date 2022-03-11.08:21:12
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There are two empty typing.Tuple. They have the same repr but are not equal.

>>> from typing import *
>>> t1 = Tuple[()]
>>> t2 = t1.copy_with(())
>>> t1
>>> t2
>>> t1 == t2
>>> t1.__args__
>>> t2.__args__

The only differences is that one has empty __args__, while other has __args__ containing an empty tuple. There is a code purposed to make __args__ containing an empty tuple in this case. What is the purpose?

It is not pure theoretical question. This affects unpacked TypeVarTuple substitution. With natural implementation Tuple[Unpack[Ts]][()] is not equal to Tuple[()] and I still have not figured which and where code should be added to handle this special case. It would be easier if such special case did not exist.

Built-in tuple does not have a special case:

>>> tuple[()].__args__
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