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Date 2022-03-10.08:23:16
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Let me try and summarise what I do understand about this.

The existing wrapt code as written and its tests, work fine for Python 2.7 and 3.6-3.11. No special case handling is done in tests related to checking annotations that I can remember.

The only reason this issue came up is because Christian tried to convert wrapt C code to only use the limited API and stable ABI, and as a result the existing test suite then started to fail for newer versions of Python (3.10+) on tests related to annotations, because the way the limited API and stable ABI for Python 3.10+ didn't behave the same as it did in older versions.

So if wrapt doesn't change to use the limited API and stable ABI then wrapt doesn't need to make any changes as it all seems to work fine when using the older APIs.

For the time being therefore at least it seems wrapt doesn't need to make any changes, since switching to the limited API and stable ABI is not a confirmed direction yet, and can't be done anyway until at least Python 2.7 support is dropped, and perhaps some Python 3.X version support as well.
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