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Date 2022-03-06.11:34:33
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Not sure if a continuance of or not, but the suggestion to call super().__init__() in __post__init__ will cause infinite recursion if the superclass also contains __post__init__:

>>> @d
... class A:
...  test: int
...  def __post_init__(self):
...    pass

>>> @d
... class B(A):
...  test2: int
...  def __post_init__(self):
...    super().__init__(test=1)

>>> B(test2=1, test=3) <-- infinite recursion.

This is caused by line 564 ( checking for post init on current class, and calling it on self (child class).

Not sure if the bug is in the documentation/suggestion, or if it's a bug in the implementation, in which case we need to call the current class's __post_init__.
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