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Date 2022-03-03.15:15:21
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Oh. I didn't know this issue. I recently made changes around PyFrameObject:

* Move PyFrameObject to the internal C API (see bpo-46836 for the rationale)
* Rename CFrame to _PyCFrame
* Rename InterpreterFrame to _PyInterpreterFrame

I prepared PRs for Cython, greenlet and gevent to use the internal C API pycore_frame.h to get the PyFrameObject structure:

For the short term, these projects should use the internal C API. But I sent a call to add getter and setter functions:

If possible, it would be great to have a public C API so these projects don't use the internal C API at all, that's being discussed at:


In terms of backward compatibility, since PyFrameObject is now part of the internal C API, we can break things. In practice... it's better to not break 3rd party code too often. See for example Brandt Bucher who is directly impacted by these changes:
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