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Author Dennis Sweeney
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Date 2022-03-03.02:35:36
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a8b9350964f43cb648c98c179c8037fbf3ff8a7d is the first bad commit
commit a8b9350964f43cb648c98c179c8037fbf3ff8a7d
Author: Mark Shannon <>
Date:   Wed Oct 13 14:19:34 2021 +0100

    bpo-45340: Don't create object dictionaries unless actually needed (GH-28802)

    * Never change types' cached keys. It could invalidate inline attribute objects.

    * Lazily create object dictionaries.

    * Update specialization of LOAD/STORE_ATTR.

    * Don't update shared keys version for deletion of value.

    * Update gdb support to handle instance values.

    * Rename SPLIT_KEYS opcodes to INSTANCE_VALUE.
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