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Date 2022-02-23.17:49:02
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Ofey, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you should probably slow down.  Fixing the bug is probably going to be the easy part here.  But we're not to that stage quite yet.  First, we need to determine

* why the code behaves like this--is this behavior a genuine bug, or is it actually a bugfix for some worse behavior?
* will fixing the bug cause problems for Python users? and if so, can we still fix the bug while mitigating the damage to people who are unfortunately depending on the bug?

The next step is not to write a bugfix for this exact behavior, it's to determine why the code is the way it is.  If it was genuinely just a mistake, and we can simply fix it and people will thank us, then we may have a use for your patch.  But, generally, people who work on Python are smart, and they don't tend to commit dumb mistakes, so we can't simply assume it's a simple bug and fix it.
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