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Date 2022-02-09.10:25:48
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> I think we want the scheme to be static and accessible on all platforms, like the others. So it probably should be 'nt_venv' and 'posix_venv' with additional/improved logic to help apps determine when they need each.

Why? (This is a real question, I genuinely don't know.)

To put this in context, this has been discussed since October, and there was agreement on how to change it.
Now a PR exists. It is tested. Also, since this fixes urgent breaking changes, patches for "venv" is already in Fedora and Ubuntu deadsnakes PPA, and virtualenv also supports it. Changing direction now will mean lots of work changing and re-testing anything. That's definitely possible, just frustrating, but if someone calls to change something again, we risk not making it in 3.11.

How can we ensure the decision won't change again?
How can these discussions be made more effective?
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