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Date 2022-01-31.09:12:43
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I can't use subprocess. Because the original problem is not that I want to use os.spawnv(). The original problem is that I go to install python3d, use install, the returned information shows that the compilation is completed, the link is also completed, and the installation is also completed. Done, but the pytorch3d folder is in the D:\Python38\Lib\site-packages\pytorch3d-0.6.1-py3.8-win-amd64.egg folder, which seems to be wrong because I moved it manually It can be used normally outside pytorch3d-0.6.1-py3.8-win-amd64.egg. (I wrote the detailed issue here []) So I I tried to use pycharm to debug the process. I wanted to see where the installation error was, so I encountered the problem of os.spawnv(). If you want to find the installation problem, you must first compile and link. This LIB: fatal error LNK1181: just Occurs in the link stage (69). The strange thing is that the operation will not report an error, but DEBUG will report an error.
So my salmpe code is all separated from D:\Python38\Lib\distutils\ (69), when the breakpoint stops here, rc = os.spawnv(os.P_WAIT, executable, cmd) The corresponding parameters are written in samlpe, here is another sample of mine, which can also be installed on my PC, but cannot use DEBUG for Pycharm
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