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Date 2022-01-29.09:29:08
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I agree that the typeshed issue is less important than the output of dir() and help(). I also agree that we shouldn't make a fetish of typing.

However, I see the typeshed issue less as an issue specific to typing, and more as an example that illustrates a general problem third-party tools have. For example, having these temporary variables leak into global namespaces also makes IDE autocompletion less valuable, and makes life harder for tools that auto-generate documentation.

Perhaps a PEP8 revision might be warranted in due course — but in the meantime, are there any downsides to this proposed change? I believe we have pointed out several upsides.

I don't see this as a style issue first and foremost: the PR is attempting to solve a genuine problem for some end-users of Python. It is not simply making cosmetic changes.
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