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Date 2022-01-25.19:06:03
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test_peg_generator takes between 5 and 16 minutes on the Windows CI run on Python pull requests.

Example of timings on my PR

* GitHub Action win32: 8 min 16 sec
* GitHub Action win64: 16 min 38 sec
* Azure Pipelines win32: 5 min 30 sec
* Azure Pipelines win64: 8 min 3 sec

Would it be possible to make these tests faster?

Or at least, would it be possible to skip these slow tests on Windows where spawing a process or running a C compiler is slower?

On my Fedora 35 (Linux) laptop, test_peg_generator takes 49.5 seconds. test_peg_generator only takes 736 ms if I disable TestCParser.
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