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Hi Tommy! Glad to have you join the discussion (I'm a huge fan of OBS Studio, and if the license wasn't incompatible with my employer, I'd be actively contributing :) )

Our challenge with the installer is the portability of Wix Toolset. I'm pretty sure our current version doesn't support ARM64, and they haven't released a newer version that does yet. It's possible that emulation will handle the main part of our installer, but AFAIK nobody has tested it to see whether it confuses the underlying installer service. (I can probably do that at some point, as I have access to some test machines now.)

At the same time, any reason why OBS doesn't just include a copy of Python with it? It should be quite easy to include the embeddable runtime on Windows, which would then mean that you're able to ship the exact version necessary and have the paths preconfigured. (It *might* complicate installing 3rd party packages a bit, but you can always allow search paths to be set/PYTHONPATH to be respected, or the executable path overridden.)

Possibly this is something you guys have already looked into, so if you know there's an issue I'd love to hear about it. Making it easy/easier to bundle Python with apps like OBS is one of my major focuses.
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