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Date 2022-01-06.16:52:20
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> My understanding of the resolution of this ticket is that it is still not possible to use setrlimit with RLIMIT_STACK to raise the soft stack limit.  Is that correct?

Yes, the code in msg324731 still fails. We're still using the mechanism described in msg324818, but with a larger stack size for some builds. 

It is rather annoying that -Wl,-stack_size,NNNN sets a hard limit on the stack size, rather than overriding the soft limit.  

I guess we could change the startup code for the interpreter executable (Py_Main or related code) to set the RLIMIT_STACK to a larger value when it is too small, that way applications can still pick a different (and in particular larger) value.

@ned.deily, @lukasz.langa: reopen this issue or open a new one?
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