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Date 2021-12-14.10:57:49
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Seems as though cpython is broken when working with subinterpreters. The problematic change could be (d0d29655ff) affecting import.c.[1] Reverting this commit and rebuilding python fixes the issues on my system with some scripts that import sqlite, for example, the Kodi plugin YouTube[2] and the IMDB Trailers plugin. Others have reported similar breakage with other python code[3].

Example output when the bug manifests:

ERROR <general>: Traceback (most recent call last):
ERROR <general>:   File "/usr/lib/python3.10/sqlite3/", line 83, in register_adapters_and_converters
ERROR <general>:     
ERROR <general>: register_converter("timestamp", convert_timestamp)
ERROR <general>: 
ERROR <general>: KeyError
ERROR <general>: : 
ERROR <general>: 'timepart_full'
ERROR <general>:                                              
ERROR <general>: Exception ignored deletion of interned string failed
ERROR <general>: :

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