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Date 2021-12-03.12:22:16
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2.7 is no longer relevant, and it looks like these examples are working now:

>>> xmlrpc.client.dumps(('\u20ac',), encoding='iso-8859-1')
>>> xmlrpc.client.dumps((u'\u20ac',), encoding='iso-8859-1')

There is possibly still a documentation enhancement to make regarding non-ascii strings. This is what I get now with Serhiy's examples:

>>> xmlrpc.client.loads(xmlrpc.client.dumps(('\xe2\x82\xac',)))
(('â\x82¬',), None)
>>> xmlrpc.client.loads(xmlrpc.client.dumps(('\r',)))
(('\n',), None)
>>> xmlrpc.client.loads(xmlrpc.client.dumps(('\r\n',)))
(('\n',), None)
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