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Date 2021-12-02.18:20:31
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> So I guess the only way to actually get make doctest to work is if the virtual env uses the version of python in main. Is there anyway to do that?

By default, the Doc/Makefile "venv" target uses the first "python3" it finds on your shell PATH to build the venv and sphinx. Either arrange for "python3" to point at a Python of the same release family on your PATH or you can use the PYTHON= command line argument to "make venv" to specify the path to the interpreter, for example:

cd cpython
./configure && make
cd Doc
make clean venv doctest PYTHON=../python
  Doctest summary
   2388 tests
      0 failures in tests
      0 failures in setup code
      0 failures in cleanup code
  build succeeded.
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