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Date 2021-12-01.07:55:52
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The comments in this thread suggest that `set_event_loop` should also be deprecated, but it hasn't been. It doesn't seem to have any use without `get_event_loop()`.

I'm trying to understand the consequences of these changes for IPython, and make the changes intended by asyncio folks, but am not quite clear, yet.

If I understand it correctly, this means that the whole concept of a 'current' event loop is deprecated while no event loop is running?

My interpretation of these changes is that it means any persistent handles on any event loop while it isn't running is fully the responsibility of individual libraries (e.g. tornado, IPython).

This is coming up in IPython where we need a handle on the event loop and advance it with `run_until_complete` for each iteration (it should be the same loop to maintain persistent state across advances, so `` would not be appropriate). We previously relied on `get_event_loop` to manage this handle, but I think we have to now shift to tracking our own handle, and can no longer rely on standard APIs to track a shared instance across packages.
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