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> Here is one more attempt, hopefully the final one.

I think we have a winner! The issues I've seen all seem to be resolved in this latest round. Thank you, Marc! For the record, my testing for this has been very rudimentary manual testing so I'm certainly not saying there aren't other problems that we haven't run into yet but I'm reasonably confident that, with this Tk fix applied, IDLE behavior with Pythons should be similar on macOS 12 Monterey to macOS 11 Big Sur.

I'm going to merge this Tk patch into our macOS installer build scripts and plan to release it in 3.9.8 which is scheduled for next week. And I'm working with the rest of the release team on how best to provide this fix for 3.10 since 3.10.1 is not planned for another month. I'll also try to test with the Tk 8.6.12 branch soon.
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