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Author gvanrossum
Date 2002-08-14.19:32:03
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Question for all other reviewers. Why not replace all calls
to PyString_InternInplace() [which creates immortal strings]
with PyString_Intern(), making all (core) uses of interning
yield mortal strings?

E.g. the call in PyObject_SetAttr() will immortalize all
strings that are ever used as a key on a setattr operation;
in a long-lived server like Zope this is a concern, since
setattr keys are often user-provided data: an endless stream
of user-provided data will grow the interned dict indefinitely.

And having the builtin intern() always return an immortal
string also limits the usability of intern().

Most of the uses I could find of PyString_InternFromString()
hold on to a global ref to the object, making it immortal
anyway; but why should that function itself force the string
to be immortal?  (Especially since the exceptions are things
like PyObject_GetAttrString() and PyObject_SetItemString(),
which have the same concerns as PyObject_SetItem().
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