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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2021-09-29.11:51:39
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While I was working on a patch to port wrapt to limited API and stable ABI, I noticed a possible regression in __annotations__ PyGetSetDef. It looks like C heap type subclasses no longer inherit the __annotations__ descriptor from a C heap type parent class. A gdb session confirmed that 3.10 no longer calls the WraptObjectProxy_set_annotations setter of the parent class while 3.9 does.

I had to add 

    { "__annotations__",    (getter)WraptObjectProxy_get_annotations,
                            (setter)WraptObjectProxy_set_annotations, 0},

to PyGetSetDef of the child class in order to fix the behavior. Python 3.9 and older work as expected.

You can reproduce the behavior by disabling WRAPT_ANNOTATIONS_GETSET_WORKAROUND and run "tox -e py310-install-extensions". The PR is
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