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> Everything is copied by `_FromSpec` after all.

One thing I noticed isn't copied is the string pointed to by tp_name:

This isn't an issue if tp_name is initialized from a string literal.  But if tp_name is created dynamically, it could lead to a dangling pointer.  If the general message is that "everything is copied by _FromSpec", it might make sense to copy the tp_name string too.

> However, I suppose that would replace a safe-by-design API with a "best practice" to never define the spec/slots statically (a best practice that is probably not generally followed or even advertised currently, I guess).

Yes that seems reasonable.  I generally prefer static declarations, since they will end up in .data instead of .text and will avoid a copy to the stack at runtime.  But these are very minor differences, especially for code that only runs once at startup, and a safe-by-default recommendation of always initializing PyType_* on the stack makes sense.
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