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In the last version of PR 20534, the reprs will be similar to proposed by Larry in msg244958, except that a colon is used to separate an address from status, and keyword names are used for values.

<threading.Semaphore at 0xb710ec8c: value=10>
<threading.BoundedSemaphore at 0xb6ff1d6c: value=7/10>
<threading.Event at 0xb710ec8c: unset>
<threading.Event at 0xb710ec8c: set>
<threading.Barrier at 0xb6ff1d6c: waiters=0/10>
<threading.Barrier at 0xb6ff1d6c: waiters=3/10>
<threading.Barrier at 0xb6ff1d6c: broken>

It is closer to existing reprs, I'm going to rewrite reprs of locks, conditions and synchronization primitives in asyncio and multiprocessing to match this style: move status after type and address, remove parenthesis, brackets and commas, use "=" instead of ":" for named values, use "/" with maximal values, etc.
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