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> But at least if it's available as a slot then a module is *able* to use it with limited ABI going backwards. A new function doesn't allow that.

I think you're confusing PyType_Slot with the tp_* members of type structures.  If a Py_tp_meta is added, it won't appear in past versions. See the end of Include/typeslots.h.
(Sadly, they're both called "slots".)

> Bases are available both as a slot (Py_tp_bases) and as an argument (PyType_FromSpecWithBases).  I don't see why this has to be an either/or proposition.  Both can be useful.

I consider Py_tp_bases to be a mistake: it's an extra way of doing things that doesn't add any extra functionality, but is sometimes not correct (and it might not be obvious when it's not correct).

> Either would satisfy my use case.

So let's go for the one that isn't a trap in the other use cases :)
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