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Author taleinat
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Date 2021-09-14.06:34:33
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I've also tested this on Windows 10 with the latest main branch (to be 3.11). The completions window works as expected with or without the recently added .update_idletasks() call.

I do recommend limiting this to macOS (platform.system() == "Darwin"). 

Ideally we'd test this on macOS with several versions of tcl/tk (8.6.8, 8.6.9, 8.6.10, 8.6.11) and limit it to only those versions where the fix is required:

TK_VERSION = tuple(map(int,"info", "patchlevel").split(".")))
if (8, 6, 8) <= TK_VERSION < (8, 6, 10):

Also we might check if calling .update() is enough, since that does less than .update_idletasks().
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