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Found when trying to answer this SO question:

The ttk.OptionMenu uses radiobuttons for the dropdown menu, whereas the tkinter.OptionMenu uses commands. Both of them use `_setit` as command, presumably first used for tkinter and then copied to the ttk implementation. The `_setit` does two things: changing the associated `variable` and calling the associated callback function. This is needed for the tkinter.OptionMenu since commands don't support changing a `variable`.

However, for the ttk.OptionMenu an additional reference to the variable was added to the radiobutton following this issue: This was needed to group radiobuttons, but now leads to the variable being changed twice: once by the radiobutton and once through `_setit`. When tracing the variable this leads to the tracing callback being called twice on only one change of the OptionMenu.

The solution is to not use `_setit` for the radiobutton command but instead just use `command=self._callback`
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