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An SSL connection created with loop.create_connection may have data_received called on its protocol after pause_reading has been called on the transport.

If an application has a protocol whose data_received method calls pause_reading on the transport then there is a chance that the data_received method will be called again before the application calls resume_reading on the transport.

That existing implementation of pause_reading at:

calls pause_reading on the underlying socket transport, which is correct.  However, there is a loop in the SSLProtocol's data_received method:

If the loop referenced above has more than one iteration then there is a chance that the application protocol's data_received method could call pause_reading on the transport.  If that happens on any iteration of the loop other than the last iteration, then the SSLProtocol's data_received method will call the application protocol's data_received method when it should not.

Stealing uvloop's asyncio ssl implementation would resolve this bug:
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