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I am pretty sure that Mozilla moved to a new content management system
and they've been refreshing a lot of content on their site. I would
assume that any lingering presence of this article is just growing pains
and it'll all be removed in due time.

I might be wrong, though. I suppose we could submit a bug report to
Mozilla to find out.... if we can ever figure out how to write a bug
report again, that is!

On Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 10:43:16PM +0000, Terry J. Reedy wrote:
> Terry J. Reedy <> added the comment:
> still has a link to
> but the fact that they moved the latter to
> does not think highly of it now.  The github archived document says last modified in 2013.  The Wayback copy has an additional box saying last modified a year ago by 'MDM contributors'.  I don't know what that means, even after clicking the link.
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