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> >> I want to get rid of PyCode_NewWithPosArgs() and just have PyCode_New(). 

> That as added because of PEP 387 and unfortunately removing it is backwards incompatible.

Is changing the signature allowed? Because it *must* be changed (at the very least to accommodate the exceptiontable, but there are several others too -- your PEP 657 touched it last to add endlinetable and columntable).

I think this was a mistake in PEP 387 and we just need to retract that. Perhaps it could be left as a dummy that always returns an error?

> >> I propose we declare all APIs for code objects *unstable*, liable to change each (feature) release.

> I agree that we should do this, but this needs at least a discussion in python-dev because currently these APIs are protected by PEP 387 so changing them is backwards incompatible

Yeah that's the crux. :-(
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