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I was having a peek at the main tkinter doc page again and would like to take a broader crack at it. I think most of what is there now (life preserver/reference) needs to be substantially reworked or trimmed.

I think exhaustive description of all methods etc. is unrealistic given the magnitude of the job and variation between versions, but it seems reasonable that the doc page would help identify what tkinter API to use, how to find out what it's parameters and options are (interactively), and if needed how to figure out the corresponding Tcl command so things can be looked up in the Tcl/Tk docs and in general map from Tcl to Python.

Ultimately, if the tkinter docs can get people started and point them to the right places to learn more (including things like the TkDocs tutorial or Shipman ref, the Tcl/Tk man pages) I'd call it a win. Right now it's a big muddle, and one that too easily becomes out-of-date.
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