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Date 2021-07-23.14:43:45
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I'm still unable to reproduce this locally. Objects/listobject.c:527:24 is this line in `list_concat`:

    dest = np->ob_item + Py_SIZE(a);


This can only be problematic if `ob_item` of the new list is NULL *AND* list `a` is non-empty. In practice that's impossible because if `a` is non-empty, it would already populate `np` with its elements using the for-loop right above the line in question.

So this sounds like the compiler complaining about NULL + 0 which seems unnecessary?

By the way, instead of messing with CC, it's preferred to use the --with-undefined-behavior-sanitizer option to ./configure.

We could accept Serhiy's change but I'm afraid that without a reliable way to reproduce, this will regress at some point.
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