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> I am going to backport these changes to 3.10 to make backporting of future fixes easier.
> * Move declarations of _Py_make_parameters and _Py_subs_parameters ...

Unfortunately, _Py_make_parameters and _Py_subs_parameters are 3.11 only. They were part of And we couldn't backport it to 3.10 (please see the PR thread). Maybe we can ask Pablo to reconsider for addition in 3.10rc1 if we can get a core dev to approve that?

> * Perform cheaper tests before more expensive tests in is_unionable().
> * Optimize __module__ look up in is_typing_module().

Yeah I noticed it re-lookups __module__ unnecessarily multiple times for the same type. I tried fixing this a month ago (and also convert to interned PyId strings) but for some reason microbenchmarks didn't show much gain. Things may be different after you clean things up.

> * Extract related tests to separate class.

Yes please :). Maybe even a separate file altogether. GenericAlias has its own test_genericalias.

A big +1 on everything else. They were bugging me for a while but I didn't have the time to fix them. Thanks for taking this up Serhiy :)!
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