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From the SC (was Re: Enum -- last call for comments on 3.10 changes)
> The Steering Council discussed this topic at our meeting yesterday.  We have some
> discomfort about the changes to Enum’s str and repr in Python 3.10, both in the
> specific changes and in the way the changes were decided on.  No knock on Ethan or
> others who participated in those decisions, it’s just that to us, the changes
> cumulatively feel like they need a more formal, centralized discussion to understand
> all the issues in detail.
> While we’re stopping short of requiring it, the Steering Council strongly suggests that
> for Python 3.10, the changes in Enum’s str and repr be reverted back to the Python 3.9
> behavior, and that a PEP be written for Python 3.11.

The changes were primarily spurred both by the changes to re.RegexFlag and by unfortunate choices made in enum.Flag regarding aliases and iteration that were corrected.

Unfortunately, it proved too difficult to revert the Flag repr() while keeping the corrections, so the entire enum module is being reverted to its 3.9 version.

All the bug-fixes, performance improvements, and other enhancements will have to wait for 3.11.
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