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Date 2021-06-19.17:25:18
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A small patch to rinoh seems to work around the issue:

diff --git a/src/rinoh/ b/src/rinoh/
index 57143f9d..586a4bb7 100644
--- a/src/rinoh/
+++ b/src/rinoh/
@@ -132,7 +132,9 @@ class DynamicEntryPoint(DynamicEntryPointBase):
 class DynamicRinohDistribution(ilm.Distribution):
     """Distribution for registering resource entry points to at runtime"""
-    name = ''
+    @property
+    def name(self):
+        return 'rinoh-dynamic-distro'
     def __init__(self):
         self._templates = {}

rinohtype master $ python3.10 -m pip-run --use-feature=in-tree-build -q . -- -m rinoh --help
usage: rinoh [-h] [-f FORMAT] [-o OPTION=VALUE] [-t NAME or FILENAME] [-s NAME or FILENAME] [-O FILENAME or DIRECTORY] [-p PAPER] [-i] [--list-templates]
             [--list-stylesheets] [--list-fonts [FILENAME]] [--list-formats] [--list-options FRONTEND] [--version] [--docs]

Render a structured document to PDF.

positional arguments:
  input                 the document to render

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FORMAT, --format FORMAT
                        the format of the input file (default: autodetect)
                        options to be passed to the input file reader
  -t NAME or FILENAME, --template NAME or FILENAME
                        the document template or template configuration file to use (default: article)
  -s NAME or FILENAME, --stylesheet NAME or FILENAME
                        the style sheet used to style the document elements (default: the template's default)
                        write the PDF output to FILENAME or to an existing DIRECTORY with a filename derived from the input filename (default: the current
                        working directory)
  -p PAPER, --paper PAPER
                        the paper size to render to (default: the template's default)
  -i, --install-resources
                        automatically install missing resources (fonts, templates, style sheets) from PyPI
  --list-templates      list the installed document templates and exit
  --list-stylesheets    list the installed style sheets and exit
  --list-fonts [FILENAME]
                        list the installed fonts or, if FILENAME is given, write a PDF file displaying all the fonts
  --list-formats        list the supported input formats and exit
  --list-options FRONTEND
                        list the options supported by the given frontend and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --docs                open the online documentation in the default browser

Anthony, does that recommendation address the concern? Do you have any reason to think other users may be doing something similarly? Do you think it's worth adding a compatibility shim to support this improper usage?
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