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Date 2021-06-13.06:44:15
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Unfortunately this is not quite finished yet.

First of all, the change is bigger than what is documented: “Changed in version 3.9: Hyphens and spaces are converted to underscore.“

In reality, now
| Normalization works as follows: all non-alphanumeric
| characters except the dot used for Python package names are
| collapsed and replaced with a single underscore, e.g. '  -;#'
| becomes '_'. Leading and trailing underscores are removed.”
Cf. [encodings/](

Secondly, this change breaks lots of iconv codecs with the python-iconv binding. E.g. `ASCII//TRANSLIT` is now normalized to `ascii_translit`, which iconv does not understand. Codec names which use hyphens also break and iinm not all of them have aliases in iconv without hyphens.
Cf. [python-iconv #4](

The codecs api feels extremely well-fitting for integrating iconv in python and any alternative I can think of seems unsatisfactory.
Please advise.
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