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Date 2021-06-06.22:21:32
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Currently, pysqlite_statement_create() approx. looks like this:

1. some sanity checks (type, sql lenght, etc.)
2. allocate (PyObject_GC_New)
3. initialise members
4. determine if statement is a DML statement
5. create the statement (sqlite3_prepare_v2)
6. PyObject_GC_Track
7. check statement return value
8. more sanity checking
9. done!

Suggesting to refactor as this:
1. all sanity checks => early exit on failure
2. create the statement and validate return value
3. determine if statement is a DML statement => no need to do this if statement creation failed
4. allocate
5. initialise members
5. return

This will avoid unneeded allocations/GC tracking, it will avoid unneeded statement creation, and it will be more readable/maintainable.
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