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Document that SyntaxError args[1] is a tuple of the other attributes and how the meaning of the attributes is adjusted when the syntax error is in an f-string field replacement expression.  Also add compile() to the list of builtins that can raise SyntaxError.

PR to follow immediately.  I wrote most of the text so that it works for 3.9 and 3.10+, with the new end info.  In the example, the main part of the message changed from "invalid syntax" to "invalid syntax. Perhaps you forgot a comma?".  I hid that with '...' but each could be given in the respective versions.  args[1] changes from "('', 1, 4, '(a b)\n')" to "('', 1, 2, '(a b)\n', 1, 5)" and that will have to be changed in a 3.9 backport.

Spinoff from #43705.  I will create a separate issue for using this information in IDLE.
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