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Date 2021-06-03.01:37:18
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See my comparison of read() and write() errors on Linux vs Windows:

I wrote PR 26502 to fix test_wrong_cert_tls13() on Windows (currently, the test is skipped).

On Linux, read() always raises an exception when the connection is reset.

On Windows, read() sometimes fails with SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL+WSAECONNRESET, and in this case the internal C function raises a SSLEOFError. But the outer Python wrapper method converts SSLEOFError to an empty string because the SSL socket is created with suppress_ragged_eofs=True by default.

I don't know why on Linux read() only fails with SSL_ERROR_SSL with ERR_peek_last_error()=0x14094418, whereas it's not the case on Windows. It may be an implementation detail, different between Windows socket and Linux socket.
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