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Date 2021-05-27.16:03:15
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personally I think they should be reverted -- they were not committed in spirit with the backwards compatibility policy:

- I don't think they were discussed thoroughly, and when opposition was presented it was not listened to thoroughly:
- the change significantly complicates importlib.metadata with lots of sneaky types (they all look like builtin types but do not act like them)
- it simultaneously introduces new apis and old apis which will both be around for extended periods of time but immediately moves to DeprecationWarning
- the new apis aren't remarkably better than the old apis -- the motivation was written as "typing issues" but without citing actual issues. in fact, the new items are significantly more complicated to type properly
- the change breaks many significantly important projects, from perusing related issues it's at the very least flake8, pandas, virtualenv, astropy, pytest, hypothesis -- and hundreds more from a quick github code search
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