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FYI, the problem here is that AIX fcntl returns EACCES in the case that the lock is held and non-blocking behavior was requested:

> The lockfx and lockf subroutines fail if one of the following is true:
> EACCES 	The Command parameter is F_SETLK, the l_type field is F_RDLCK, and the segment of the file to be locked is already write-locked by another process.
> EACCES 	The Command parameter is F_SETLK, the l_type field is F_WRLCK, and the segment of a file to be locked is already read-locked or write-locked by another process.

(Note the docs are a bit wonky referring to lockf/lockfx but talking about parameters and fields which apply to fcntl instead)

The lockf/flock APIs provided by AIX handle this appropriately, mapping EACCES to EWOULDBLOCK, but while Python calls the libbsd flock API, it uses its own lockf implementation which calls fcntl directly:
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