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Date 2021-05-04.08:04:04
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I'm not sure if this helps, but this is the relevant tree of callers:

suggestions.c: _Py_Offer_Suggestions() (the expected behavior) is only referenced by
pythonrun.c: print_exception(), which is only referenced by
pythonrun.c: print_exception_recursive(), which is only referenced by itself and
pythonrun.c: _PyErr_Display(), which is referenced by:
    - threadmodule.c: thread_excepthook_file()
    - pythonrun.c: PyErr_Display()
pythonrun.c: PyErr_Display() is referenced by:
    - pythonrun.c: _PyErr_PrintEx()
    - pythonrun.c: _Py_FatalErr_PrintExc()
    - _testcapimodule.c: exception_print()
    - sysmodule.c: sys_excepthook_impl() (Python's sys.excepthook)
pythonrun.c: _PyErr_PrintEx() is referenced by:
    - pythonrun.c: PyErr_PrintEx() is referenced by
        - pythonrun.c: PyErr_Print()
        - pylifecycle.c: new_interpreter()
    - pythonrun.c _PyErr_Print() is referenced by
        - ceval.c:_Py_FinishPendingCalls()
        - pylifecycle.c: init_importlib_external()
        - pylifecycle.c: init_interp_main()
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