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Relevant commits include this one from v3.1.4:

 commit 877766dee8e60c7971ed0cabba89fbe981c2ab1b
 Author: Antoine Pitrou <>
 Date:   Sat Mar 19 17:00:37 2011 +0100

    Issue #11459: A `bufsize` value of 0 in subprocess.Popen() really creates
    unbuffered pipes, such that select() works properly on them.

I can't use that commit without cherry-picking this one from v3.2.2, though:

 commit e96ec6810184f5daacb2d47ab8801365c99bb206
 Author: Antoine Pitrou <>
 Date:   Sat Jul 23 21:46:35 2011 +0200

    Issue #12591: Allow io.TextIOWrapper to work with raw IO objects (without
    a read1() method), and add an undocumented *write_through* parameter to
    mandate unbuffered writes.

And my test script still shows the same behaviour, with poll.poll() or

The fact that my stdout object has no read1() and needs the above patch looks like a good lead for further investigation?
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