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Eryk, I agree, that implementing TemporaryFile() in Windows  goes hand in hand with the decision to stop using O_TEMPORARY in NamedTemporaryFile()

The only thing I want to point out is that your suggestion also includes this "unlinking trick" (sorry, may be there is a better description for this), which seems to be separate/extra to the usage of O_TEMPORARY.  

Hence my newbie questions are:

1) What problem are you trying to solve by this "unlinking trick"?

2) Do we need to have a separate issue raised for this problem?

3) Is this "unlinking trick" using some documented features of Windows? (will it not stop working after some Windows patch)?

4) Will we need to create separate unit tests for this issue?

5) Do we also need to reach a consensus on implementing of this "unlinking trick"?
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