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Author vstinner
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Date 2021-04-30.16:05:08
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It seems like _sqlite3 heap types support regular instantiation and so that no change is needed.

* sqlite3.Cache

    {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew},

* sqlite3.Connection

    {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew},
    {Py_tp_init, pysqlite_connection_init},

* sqlite3.Cursor

    {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew},
    {Py_tp_init, pysqlite_cursor_init},

* sqlite3.Node

    {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew},

* sqlite3.Row

    {Py_tp_new, pysqlite_row_new},

* sqlite3.Statement

    {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew},

$ ./python
Python 3.10.0a7+
>>> import _sqlite3
>>> conn=_sqlite3.Connection(":memory:")

>>> type(conn)()
TypeError: function missing required argument 'database' (pos 1)
>>> conn2 = type(conn)(":memory:")

>>> list(conn.execute("SELECT 1;"))
>>> list(conn2.execute("SELECT 1;"))
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