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Date 2021-04-24.07:56:55
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> The difference between eval_str=True and eval_str=ONLY_IF_STRINGIZED:
> def foo(a:int, b:"howdy howdy"): ...
> inspect.get_annotations(foo, eval_str=True) throws an exception.
> inspect.get_annotations(foo, eval_str=ONLY_IF_STRINGIZED) returns {'a': int, b: 'howdy howdy'}
> Type hints have a convention that string annotations are a "forward declaration" and should be eval()uated.  Annotations don't have such a convention--a string is a legal annotation, and is not required to be valid Python.

For such use case, ONLY_IF_STRINGIZED thorows an exception for `def
foo(a: "howdy howdy")` anyway.
In such cases, they should use `eval_str=False`, or `eval_str=True`
*and* `return_str_when_eval_failed=True` option.
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