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Date 2021-04-07.17:21:14
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Thanks for taking a look, Steve.

A couple things maybe worth noting:

Firstly, `os.path.expanduser()` is already documented to return the path unchanged if the home directory can't be resolved:

> If the expansion fails or if the path does not begin with a tilde, the path is returned unchanged.

Secondly, `ntpath.expanduser()` already returns the path unchanged if neither USERPROFILE nor HOMEPATH are in the environment.

An alternative would be to leave `ntpath.expanduser()` method alone, and forgo the slightly-improved error checking in `WindowsPath.expanduser()` in the name of conformity. Or perhaps we could add a `stict` parameter to `expanduser()`?

I can understand why this could be seen as change for change's sake. In fact this code removal greatly aids my work towards addressing bpo-24132.

Thanks again
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