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Author taldcroft
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Date 2021-04-02.21:55:37
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I encountered this issue today and want to +1 getting some attention on this.

The disconnected nature of this issue makes it especially difficult to understand -- any package in the stack can change this hidden global variable `_filters_version` in the warnings module that then impacts the local behavior of warnings in the user script.

The only way I was able to finally understand that an update to an obscure dependency was breaking our regression testing was by reading the `warnings` source code and then monkey patching it to print diagnostic information.

Even a documentation update would be useful. This could explain not only `catch_warnings()`, but in general the unexpected feature that if any package anywhere in the stack sets a warning filter, then that globally resets whether a warning has been seen before (via the call to `_filters_mutated()`).
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