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Date 2021-03-17.14:19:09
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Raymond Hettinger: "Shouldn't this wait to see if the subinterpreters PEP is approved?  Because if it isn't, then no chance should be made.  We shouldn't change something this fundamental without good cause."

I agree that we reached a point where a PEP is needed before pushing further "controversial" changes related to subinterpreters and bpo-1635741 (especially converting static types to heap types (bpo-40077).

I plan to write multiple PEPs:

* One general PEP about the idea of isolating subinterpreters to be able to run them in parallel, without requesting any specific technical change
* One PEP to solve the problem of static types like &PyLong_Type: see bpo-40601 and bpo-43503
* More PEPs for other controversial changes
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