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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2021-03-11.09:31:02
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The subinterpreters module does not emit any audit events yet. It's possible to create a subinterpreter and run arbitrary code through run_string().

We should also improve documentation of sys.addaudithook() and explain what 'current interpreter' actually means. I guess most users don't realize the consequences for subinterpreters.

$ ./python
('os.system', (b'echo main interpreter',))
main interpreter
you got pwned
[heimes@seneca cpython]$ cat au     autom4te.cache/ 
[heimes@seneca cpython]$ cat 
import sys
import _xxsubinterpreters

def hook(*args):


import os
os.system('echo main interpreter')

sub = _xxsubinterpreters.create()
_xxsubinterpreters.run_string(sub, "import os; os.system('echo you got pwned')", None)

$ ./python 
('os.system', (b'echo main interpreter',))
main interpreter
you got pwned
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