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Author turicas
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Date 2021-03-08.19:22:16
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Based on changes at I've monkey-patched `multiprocessing.resource_tracker` so my current applications (running on Python 3.9.2) won't be affected. The code may be useful to others while the PR is not merged and we don't have a new release - you just need to call the `remove_shm_from_resource_tracker` function inside each Process target function.

----- >8 -----
from multiprocessing import resource_tracker

def remove_shm_from_resource_tracker():
    """Monkey-patch multiprocessing.resource_tracker so SharedMemory won't be tracked

    More details at:

    def fix_register(name, rtype):
        if rtype == "shared_memory":
        return resource_tracker._resource_tracker.register(self, name, rtype)
    resource_tracker.register = fix_register

    def fix_unregister(name, rtype):
        if rtype == "shared_memory":
        return resource_tracker._resource_tracker.unregister(self, name, rtype)
    resource_tracker.unregister = fix_unregister

    if "shared_memory" in resource_tracker._CLEANUP_FUNCS:
        del resource_tracker._CLEANUP_FUNCS["shared_memory"]
----- 8< -----

There's a working example in attached file `` (if you comment the function calls on lines 28 and 37 the warnings will be shown).
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