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Author cdgriffith
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Date 2021-03-06.18:52:42
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It is possible to run into an IndexError in the subprocess module's _communicate function.

    return run(
  File "", line 491, in run
  File "", line 1024, in communicate
  File "", line 1418, in _communicate
IndexError: list index out of range

The lines in question are: 

            if stdout is not None:
                stdout = stdout[0]
            if stderr is not None:
                stderr = stderr[0]

I believe this is due to the fact there is no safety checking to make sure that self._stdout_buff and self._stderr_buff have any content in them after being set to empty lists. 

The fix I suggest is to change the checks from `if stdout is not None` to simply `if stdout` to make sure it is a populated list. 

Example fixed code: 

            if stdout:
                stdout = stdout[0]
            if stderr:
                stderr = stderr[0]

If a more stringent check is required, we could expand that out to check type and length, such as `isinstance(stdout, list) and len(stdout) > 0:` but that is more then necessary currently.
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