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Author bkc
Date 2002-08-12.14:21:17
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I would very much like to move this forward. 

Is all you need is a refreshed diff without pyconfig.h diffs? 

I'll have to check why DONT_HAVE_TIME_H is in there. I 
think perhaps because the CE portion is using the Win32 
hand-made config, and only differs by a little bit. 

What about jackjansen's post from 4-19? I cannot use the 
macro trick he suggests because there are two different 
functions for accessing errno, one for get and one for set.

Regarding his comment about changing all errno accesses: 
I'm still committed to submitting appropriate diffs for the core 
and any other module ported to CE or NetWare. In fact, it's 
time to refresh my CVS copy. 

What do you suggest I check out? Head, or a specific 

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